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                                Step 3   들으면서 따라 말하기

             Nowadays,        can do       anything      their
             smartphone. They even             or             their
             phone. It is     to               your phone but it is
             bad        your      . I sit                  the computer
                     almost 8                   so I don’t want to
                           screen             . That’s     I
             reading real books            on my phone.

             I like             bookstores. I can
             my         but I don’t                  because I
             reading              bookstore. When I           , I just
                                  bookstore and             some books
                           there is            particular           .
             I like      books              bookstore but I always
                           because they are           .

             I        prefer            because I like the    of     .
             I often             bookstores and just           the
             store. When I            , I just           a book,
                     and read      I       it. When I           the
             bookstore      , some good books                   . The
             bookstore       could       up to 50%       so I      five
             books. This is                   go to bookstores.

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